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Choose your contractor wisely

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

At BCSC, we know that your home is the physical place where your family lives; where you and your family share the most important moments of each and every one of the individuals who live there; your most important good because it is perhaps one of the reasons why you have worked the hardest to obtain it, that is why it is so important to you.

We also know that our clients are very careful when choosing a person or company to enter their home and do any work. Because of that, we wrote this little guide to help you choose well before making a decision.

+ Make sure they explain the complete process "before, during and after" before signing any type of contract and / or commitment, if you have any type of doubts, insist that they be clarified until you are satisfied with the answers.

+ Make sure of the quality of the materials, that they install the material that they promised you and that they are new. And if possible, just before they start work, check them out.

+ Take a good look at the way the workers work. If you feel or see that workers are working without following safety guidelines, without professional seriousness, contact the supervisor immediately.

+ Take into account and check if there is any kind of guideline from your Home Owner Association (HOA) such as colors, styles, etc.

+ Avoid companies with invasive sellers and take your time to think. You are about to make a decision that can alter for better or for worse the proper functioning of your house, so avoid companies that only want to sell you and that pressure you to do the work with them.

By following these tips, and using your common sense, you can find the perfect contractor to do any type of work within your home.

We are committed to following and complying with these guidelines so that you feel completely safe and pleased in hiring us.

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